HiddenBed™ is a revolutionary system that integrates a bed, study desk, computer table and even shelving in one compact form.
Your living space is practically doubled with HiddenBed’s 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 systems.
Unlike a wall bed, you do not have to remove objects from the Hiddenbed table when storing the bed! Objects up to 40cm high (e.g. computer system unit, lamp, hi-fi devices) can remain on the table top when the bed is used.
The hidden bed is basically a desk by day and a bed by night.

Balancing and Structure

The desk remains perfectly horizontal throughout the entire transformation cycle.
You can leave a cup full of coffee on the desktop and it won’t spill a drop!
The balancing mechanism guarantees easy, safe and smooth operation with loads up to 20kg.
No adjustments are necessary.
The Hiddenbed’s strong structure guarantees durability either as a desk or bed.

Innovative Design

Hiddenbed has enough clearance under the bed for a large computer casing, monitor, keyboard and accessories.
You will realise that your room is not that small after all.
The devices on the table top can remain plugged to a power supply.
Your computer can carry on operating even when you got to sleep!
When you transform Hiddenbed table from desk to a bed, there is no need to clear your items.
Simply leave them on the Hiddenbed table and you can carry on from where you left off the next day.


Hiddenbed products are designed to look and work perfectly for a long time.
Hiddenbed is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, assuring a regular, on-time and high quality supply.
Customer satisfaction is the top priority

Durability and safety

The secret of out revolutionary system is its balancing mechanism.
The system currently allows for 10,00 trouble-free cycles (about 30 years).
Easy to follow instructions are included to facilitate assembly for a perfectly safe piece of furniture.